5 Tips to Encourage Your Customers to Write Product Reviews

A popular feature for ecommerce merchants is product review and rating. It can be found on the product details page. This feature offers customers and visitors the assurance that this product does not seem like another generic ecommerce product. You can see the positive and negative comments people have about it.

Your product details page should not be able to satisfy your customers. Your product detail page is the most important area of your site. This is where your customers will make the final decision on whether to add the product or abandon it. It is essential that you make every effort to ensure your customers that the products are both a bargain and a value for money.

A product details page that allows customers to express their opinion about the product is a strong feature. One simple comment made by a satisfied customer is enough to convince other customers to buy the product.

These 5 tips will make your product pages more efficient. They encourage customers to write reviews and encourage visitors to do the same.

Tips 1 – Product Details page Design:

You should place a special emphasis on your product details page design. This is because people love to look at neatly organized pages. The product details pages should have product images, descriptions and prices. Customers can find all the information quickly and easily by organizing it neatly. If the product details page layout is appealing and vivid, customers will be more inclined to write about it. Image zooming and image video are great ways to show off the product. Customers can also get a better idea of what the product is all about. It’s likely that visitors will want to add some words to an eye-catching product page.

Tips 2 Don’t make it difficult:

Keep the Review & Rating feature easy. A complex process will stop customers and visitors adding reviews. Offer a 5 star rating, which can be rated via the mouse click. Give the negative rating options so that visitors have the impression that they are free and able to rate it as they like. You can make the Review optional and leave out the email fields. Many people don’t want their email addresses to be publicly visible. Give the option to hide or display the email addresses in published reviews. CAPTCHA is something you need to be very careful about. It is easy to break the CAPTCHA by spammers, but hard CAPTCHA can be irritating for the actual reviewers. Select one that is easy to decipher by spammers, but not too difficult for human users.

Tips 3 – Moderate and rate the Reviews:

You need to be able manage customer reviews and rate them. You should be capable of publishing/unpublishing reviews, (even manipulating if necessary), controlling the visibility and number of reviews on each page, replying to reviewsers, as well as other traditional review & rating moderation functions. Moderation of reviews is an important part of what you do to your customers’ opinions about your products. Customers are annoyed when they discover that the reviews they leave are not being published on your site. Write a thank you email to them for reviewing your site. Also, send them a note to express gratitude.

Tips 4 — Do not forget to include negative reviews.

You might be questioned about the authenticity of your product details page if it is filled with reviews that praise and flatter. You have the best chance to address the criticisms of customers and make it known. Give customers the opportunity to respond with satisfactory answers to negative reviews, and then put them in the same category as the other reviews.

Tips 5: Reviewing Competition

Perhaps you could announce a small gift, a coupon or discount for top-rated reviewers. It would encourage customers to read about your products, and encourage them to visit your website. A $5 coupon code and a 5% discount would motivate customers and visitors to write lines about your products.