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In this video I break down more reason why I believe you need 70% Ceramic Full Windshield tint on your vehicle. This 70 percent window tint can also be use o.. This new, super High-Tech Nano-Ceramic film is virtually clear, as it meters at 80% VLT. As long as the cumulative Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of your windshield and sample of the film that we temporarily adhere to your windshield for testing does not fall below 70%, it complies with the Federal Standard (FMVSS-205) that governs the. Sep 7, 2018. #1. I'm about to tint my front windshield (with the right precautions to protect against water damage). The said they can do Llumar Stratos 50% which has a somewhat grey/charcoal color, which would match the side tint and contrast well against the pearl white. The other option is Llumar Stratos 70% which has a blue hue (bleh)

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FULL Windshield Tint install on a GMC Yukon XL Tinted in 70% Ceramic Film. This is another GMC Yukon Denali XL with a Front Match and Full Windshield tinted. New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70% New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%. By ericferguson8, March 29, 2019 in General Discussion. Followers 0 I keep 55% ceramic in stock but do a lot of 35% ceramic for younger kids. I had 70% on my Tahoe but I didn't like the way it performed. I'll be putting 35% on my next truck It blocks up to 70% of solar heat and as much as 97% infrared heat. The ceramic film also provides better glare reduction and a high level of clarity. When considering all these benefits, ceramic window film offers a superior choice for window tinting. Why Glare Is Detrimental I put a 70% tint on my front windshield, just to darken things a hair but mostly for UV protection. My only complaint is it has a very faint sparkle effect, but that's actually more visible during the day. I think it's a SunTek ceramic coating. Last edited: Nov 26, 2013. Meghan54 Lifer. Oct 18, 2009 10,116 3,085 136

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  1. Ride in style and comfort. Film Ceramic IR Series offers great infrared heat rejection for optimal comfort and is available in an attractive neutral color. The Ceramic IR series was developed with a nano-ceramic technology that provides a high level of infrared heat rejection due to the absorptive technology. It rejects up to 66% of total solar energy and up to 95% of infrared heat rejection.
  2. If you are looking for the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look - then 3M™ Crystalline Automotive Window Films feature a proprietary, multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it® Note
  3. or warnings: state and registration stickers will have to be carefully removed, they will not be responsible for any.
  4. MotoShield Pro Premium Professional 2mil Ceramic Window Tint Film for Auto | Reduce Infrared Heat & Block UV by 99% - 70% VLT (36 in x 10' ft Roll) 4.4 out of 5 stars. 16. $60.49. $60
  5. Nano Ceramic Car Front Window Film 99% Anti UV Heat Insulation Sun Blocking Solar Window Tint for Car Windshield Rear Side Window, 20Inch X 10Feet Roll 80% VLT 4.2 out of 5 stars 63 $25.99 $ 25 . 9
  6. Some of the common choices for the tint percentage are 70 percent windshield tint, 50 percent windshield tint, 30 percent windshield tint, and 20 percent windshield tint. If you want privacy, the 20% VLT will do without causing too much visibility issues during sunny days. But at this level, it will still be too dark at night

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Any tint shop should carry a higher percentage ceramic tint such as 70-90%. It won't darken the windows but will help a lot with UV protection. That's what a lot of people will put on their windshields so it doesn't darken it at all, for safety reasons This ceramic window film is available in a wide variety of tint shades - from a terrific 3% super limo for maximum privacy to an almost virtually clear 70% for stunning visibility and sun protection. It blocks nearly the entire amount of UVA (ultraviolet A-rays) and UVB (ultraviolet B-rays) rays, which are the primary source of interior.

Twenty (20) Percent Tint. Twenty percent window shade tint is also called Factory Tint. Windows tinted at the time the car was manufactured usually have a shade of 15% - 26%. Five (5) Percent Tint. Five percent shade is also called Limo Tint. This shade only allows in 5% of the available light. Auto One locations may offer different shades Ceramic Window Tint Smart and full-featured. Choose ceramic tint for clear connectivity and excellent ability to tame heat, glare and UV rays. Our innovative ceramic window tint is available in a generous range of sophisticated charcoal shades, so you can create precisely the look you want Product Detail. Silver Reflective / Mirror Tint 5%, 15%, 30%, 50%, 70% (Warranty: Residential- Lifetime. Commercial - 10 years) Silver reflective Window Films are one of the best performing and most widely used solar control window films. It reduces high levels of incoming solar heat and glare coming in through your glass, which can. Any window tint listed at 70% or higher is considered a clear film. Make sure your chosen 70% film is not a basic or cheap film. You will want to use a ceramic or infrared film, no dyed films as this will turn purple and obstruct your driving view. IR films and ceramic films are designed to block and reduce the most amount of heat without.

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  1. PRIME XR. Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the line automotive window tint without breaking the bank
  2. Other states will allow the installation of tints on the windshield. However, they have varying stipulations on the thickness of the tint, ranging from 4 inches up to 6 inches. The state of Vermont, on the other hand, allows tint on the windshield up to 32 percent lighter shade, while Dakota and Ohio want it lighter at 70 percent shade
  3. Ceramic Window Tint. Ceramic window film products are slightly different. Ceramic window tinting is considered the top of the line in the window film options. It uses the same types of thin, sheets as regular window film, but these sheets are coated with ceramic particles as the result of emerging, nano-ceramic technology
  4. You can go 70% but will be similar as not having it tinted unless you are going for the heat rejection. For me I have 20% all around and 50% front windshield but it also depending on the what type of material film. I have ceramic tint so the 20% doesn't look too dark especially I have black interior when you look on the side
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The Huper Optik ceramic 30 Window Film by the Numbers. The Huper Optik ceramic 30 compares well with the other window films in the series. Its 30 percent VLT is fourth out of the five films, and while it lets in plenty of light it still prevents 70 percent of light you can see. Its visible light reflectance is very low, at 12 percent, right in. A film with a 70 percent VLT rating allows 70 percent of visible light to pass into the vehicle. How Window Tint Heat Rejection Works. Window films designed to block heat transfer come in three designs: metallic, carbon and ceramic, or variations of those Percent options for Window Tinting. There are several car tint options for ranging from 5% to 50% and higher. The percentages are for visible light transmission (VLT). VLT is the amount of visible light that can pass through the window. For clarity purposes, the lower the percentage, the darker the car tint will be Clear Ceramic series window films like the Huper Optik ceramic 70 provide excellent rejection rates for heat and ultraviolet rays (UV rays), while still maintaining an estimated 71 percent visible light transmission. That is, the Ceramic 70 lets about 71 percent of light to pass through the glass Windshields are illegal at any tint shade, but many people will often ceramic tint the front windshield at 70% for heat rejection. Pro Tip: 70% is nearly clear and does little to change the look of the glass, making it hard to tell the window is tinted, but still offering heat rejection

Most manufacturer's tint will be no darker than 70 percent VLT. So, if you already have an 80 percent VLT and add a 30 percent to it, you will arrive at a 24 percent VLT (.80 x .30 = .24). Windshield Tintin Ceramic. Ceramic window tint film is a crème de la crème of all window tint films. It blocks all of the UV rays (both UVA and UVB) and the heat from IR light. A good quality ceramic tint can block heat as much as 50-70 percent. That sounds too good to be true but it works

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Best Window Tint on a Roll: MotoShield Pro Premium Ceramic. MotoShield Pro Premium 2mil Ceramic Window Tint for Auto - 20 Inches x 100 Feet (50%) [99% Infrared Heat Reduction/Blocks 99% UV] Window. Ceramic window tint is the more expensive because of the advanced technology for heat rejection and longevity. Carbon Window Tint (*Average cost for a full car 'all sides and rear' is $299.95 to $399.95) Carbon window tint, like 3M Color Stable Film, contains carbon particles that can help block infrared light very effectively. This. Book An Appointment. 70%. Mercedes Benz E-Class. Mercedes Benz E-Class 70% Tint on front windows. 50% Tint on rear windows. LIKE THIS PROJECT? Book An Appointment. 70%. BMW S3. Copper BMW S3 with 70% Tint on all windows

Window Tint Percentages Examples. So far, we have so many types of window tints, and the percentages can range from 10% to 90%. But keep in mind that it is not allowed to tint your windows 5%, as this is against the law. However, if you want a low tint (5%), then there would be some exceptions. Below are the most popular tinting types In my example above, the factory tint is 30% VLT (back doors) and the after-market tint is 20% VLT (front doors). 0% VLT would allow no light to pass through while 100% VLT is full light passage. Yes, NYS front half of vehicle must be no less than 70% VLT (so, 70%-100% VLT is acceptable) How much is a tint ticket in NY 2020? The penalty for illegal window tinting can be up to $150. For most cars, 70 percent or more of the light from the outside must pass through the window into the car. Does 70 tint make a difference? If you use a ceramic film, it makes a HUGE difference Window Tint Simulator. Select a vehicle type and color. Then see how the different tint percentages, or as we call it Variable Light Transfers (VLT's), could look on the front, sides, and back of your vehicle

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So from this post it looks like most people when they tinted their car did not consider the 70% factory tint, which makes a lot of car illegal. if i tint my car 50% that would make it around 35% which is the legal limit of most states. 70% x 0.5 = 35%. I had my window tested and it came out to.. Ceramic Window Tint. Ceramic tint provides the ultimate in UV protection and heat blocking technology. The ceramic window film, manufactured by Avery Dennison, provides outstanding performance, including blocking 99% of UV rays, up to 60 percent of solar heat rejection, and up to 59 percent of infrared light 400-500+ BTU reading is what you will get on a 5% limo tint (the darkest) with a regular tint whereas ceramic tint reads somewhere between 80-90 BTU on a 5% limo tint and a reading of 45-50 BTU on a 30% Ceramic Tint. The lower the reading, the better, the less heating coming in. Conclusion Window Tinting. Vehicles with applications of after‐factory window tinting must be checked, at an additional charge of $10 during a North Carolina safety inspection to ensure they meet specifications set by the state in G.S. 20-127). Tinted windows cannot measure darker than 32 percent with a North Carolina-approved window tint meter

Ceramic 2 ply Residential Commercial Window Tint 5% 15% 20% 35% 50% 70%Ceramics Films By Intersolar® is the nicest looking color stable films in the market with very durable performance. Blocks more than 75% of the IR heat, without any metal and signal friendly. Life Time Warranty A proprietary construction that utilizes unique and innovative Nano Ceramic technology Non reflective, no metal. Your window tint darkness doesn't have to be under 50% to be effective. Even if your tint film allows 90% or 80% of light it can still have a huge impact on your driving. It can significantly reduce glare from the sun and protect you from harmful UV rays (be sure to read this article to see all benefits of tinted windows ) Deluxe Natural Window Tinting Film 70% VLT. Save 12 %. Original price. $ 31.85 USD. Current price. $ 27.97 USD. Warm neutral appearance both interior and exterior. Accepted by most HOAs due to low exterior reflection. 99% UV barrier protects you and your furnishings At TintDepot, we have everything you need to run a window tinting business. We carry professional grade window films for automotive, commercial, and residential installations. browse through over 330 window tinting tools and accessories. Fantastic pricing, fast shipping, excellent customer service Pro Nano Ceramic 05% VLT Auto Window Tinting Film. Pro Nano Ceramic 5% VLT Auto Window Tinting Film is an all-purpose, 2-ply non-reflective film that features excellent shrinkability. Its non-metal high-tech Nano Ceramic color system will not interfere with built-in rear window GPS systems, making it the film of choice for most applications

MotoShield Pro also offers rolls of its nano ceramic tint film at 5, 15, and 70 percent. The rolls are all 100-feet long, but buyers can choose between 20-inches wide and 40-inches wide. Buy No Ceramic Window Film - The newest (and most expensive) film is made from tiny nano-particles of ceramic, so small they are invisible to the human eye. Since it doesn't contain dye, metal or carbon, this film can be completely clear, while still providing superior protection, blocking 99 percent of UV rays and 45 up to 70 percent of infrared. Ceramic Window Tint. It uses the same types of thin, sheets as regular window film, A typical light tint allows 70 percent of the light in. A medium tint is about 20 percent, and a super-dark limo tint allows only about 5 percent of light through Standard Ceramic Tint (XPEL XR Black): This tint is for HEAT PROTECTION & privacy. The most affordable of the Ceramic Tints in the market! It offers great heat rejection with (5) total available shades for maximum customization! Also available in a clear (70% VLT) tint for full windshield tint installs! Lifetime Warranty

Also Know, what is ceramic window tint? Solar Control®'s Ceramic window film is a type of tinting film that can be applied to any kind of window. Unlike other films, it is not made of metal, nor is the film dyed to be a darker shade. A typical light tint allows 70 percent of the light in. A medium tint is about 20 percent, and a super-dark. Any window tint guy can do the job. I had no issue with the eyesight cameras and 70% ceramic. Some Tint guys may be hesitant, but I love it. One thing you'll find is that if you're using polarized sunglasses, the ceramic tint will make weird rainbow effects, but I often don't need sunglasses because if the added tint Model 3. Mar 7, 2021. #11. The Model 3 has a lot of glass, so inherently tint will appear lighter. To answer the dark enough question though, only you can answer dark enough. For me, I have 35% on the sides and rear, 70% on the windshield and sunroof. I'm happy with it. As I have aged my tint percentage is going up SunTek window films is located in Phoenix, AZ and serves the entrie Southwest, including California, Nevada and Texas. SunTek is one of the largest manufacturers of window film in the world producing some of the highest quality products in the industry that are scientifically formulated to provide maximum heat & UV blockage

How Much Car Window Tint Cost? In general, the cost may vary; for example, a basic tint for a sedan car using the classic film can cost less than $150 per vehicle. However, suppose you want a top-quality film such as ceramic window tint. In that case, it can cost up to $400 per vehicle. Of course, all depend on different factors (number of. KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint Film carries a lifetime guarantee. The Kavaca Ceramic IR is available in the following VLT shades - 05, 15, 25, 35, 55, 70 KAVACA Carbon Color Stable window film offers vehicle owners more bang for their window tint dollar. It's a superior and diverse window tint, available in black or charcoal These small front window tint strips ensure that the driver has enough visibility of. 852020 The Ohio window tint law is no less than 50 percent VLT on the driver side and passenger side windows 70 percent VLT on the windshield and no requirement for the rear window of backseat windows. On July 1st some important changes to Iowa laws take effect This newest nano-ceramic window tint technology infused with infrared absorbing properties rejects up to 63 percent of solar heat to enhance your driving experience. And it shields your passengers from more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays* while it helps reduce interior fading and cracking due to UV ray exposure The 70% on the windshield almost looks like no tint is there. I got the tint for protection from UV rays and from heat. The tint works like magic. The car sat for an hour in direct sunlight at 95F and did not get nearly as hot inside. I forgot the tint brand, but it is the best ceramic film the shop has

Tucson Tint Company offers automotive window tint for every need and budget. Our computer cut patterns provide a neat, precise install for your vehicle. You will have no wavy lines near the top of your side windows or jagged edges. Most importantly, with computer-cut patterns, your car is safe from cutting mishaps To learn about these two types, refer to Regular vs Ceramic Window Tint. They also have windshield tints for the states that allow the car windshields to be tinted. If you are interested in getting a car window tint of silver shade for your vehicle's windshield as well, then you need to clarify your state's legal limitations If you tint the windshield of your vehicle, your ability to drive safely will decrease with your lack of visibility. Tinted window laws in New York, for example, indicate that you cannot install films to your windshield or front side window greater than 30 percent. The percentage indicates 70 percent of light must be able to pass through Here in AZ, I think the darkest you can go on the front is 30%. I've got that on my front windows (even the tiny little windows between the door and windshield) and a medium tint, 35%, on the back door windows and rear hatch. A friend told me I could also to the legal tint on the full front windshield, but I wasn't sure how that would work out I'm looking for pictures of Velocity Blue 2020 GT500 with window tint. I want to be able to see at night but also want to make sure it is dark enough to look good. The place that will be installing it is suggesting 35% ceramic tint. If possible pictures and percent of tint would be great! Thank

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  1. 50 reviews of RBI Window Tint Just had a full window tint job completed by Robbie on our 2013 Jetta and I can only echo Sabrina's review. He did a fantastic job at a great price that comes with a lifetime warranty. Jewell went above and beyond spending the time to help explain the different tints and even allowed my wife and I to sit in their truck to help us decide
  2. g into a vehicle meaning that 70 percent or more of the light from the outside must pass through the window. Chris McKinney owner of McKinneys Auto of Queensbury performs a window tint test on a vehicle Friday
  3. Sharktint, Houston, Texas. 119 likes · 2 talking about this. we have any percentage yall need ! Machine cuts only ! 5% 20% 35% 50% 70% CERAMIC TOO ! warranty include

That being said, I have 70% ceramic tint on my windshield, and I absolutely love it. I live in Southern California where it gets pretty toasty. Pros: It makes a huge difference when the sun is shining right through the windshield. The car is much cooler inside. Because 70% of light can pass, it's very light 19 3500 with 70 percent windshield tint, no issues. docpowell Member. Joined 50% heat reduction on a 70% ceramic tint on the largest glass surface in the truck makes a big difference! zhauler Member. Joined May 20, 2020 Messages 30 Reaction score 21. Jul 26, 2020 #20 just had mine done 70 percent no issues at all....ceramic solargard ir. I'm strongly considering going with ceramic tint this time around on my new car's windows as well as getting the windshield tinted (70%). I'm wondering if any of y'all have done your windshield and found that it makes a big difference? My go to place (Tomball Tinters) said they would use a 70% film Below is a summary of Minnesota's window tint law: No vehicle can have ANY tint to the front windshield. Passenger cars are limited to 50 percent on all side and rear windows. Pickups, vans and SUVs are limited to 50 percent on the front side windows. Pickups, vans and SUVs are not limited on the rear side and rear windows 100% Tint: Window Tinting Jacksonville, FL. Window tint is more than just film. It's an upgrade for your glass with benefits beyond anything factory delivered. If you are looking for residential, commercial or auto window tint near Jacksonville, call us here at 100% Tint for more info about your window tint options. We use the best window tint in the industry and we are the highest rated.

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Tint laws allow for front side windows to have a minimal VLT of 70%, meaning it will let through 70% of available light while only blocking 30%. The back windows in the vehicle, including back seat and rear windows, can have any darkness. Whereas in states like Arizona, the front side and rear side windows are allowed a minimum VLT of 25%, with. By the year 2025, the automotive tinting film market is expected to reach almost $4.5 billion.. From privacy to heat reduction, there are many reasons why people opt to tint their vehicle's windows.. If you want tinted windows, you must first decide on a window tint percentage for your car The ceramic and metallic window films usually cost 10-15 percent more than regular window film but can reduce energy transmission by as much as 80 percent.[2] Ceramic window films cost slightly more but provide a substantial increase in blocking UV rays and ability to control heat transfer Solar Ceramic Plus Tint Package: Our Best window tint combines state of the art design and luxury, satisfaction guaranteed. Unbeatable 98% heat reduction and 3 shade options means your ride will look and feel its best for years to come. Our Solar Ceramic Plus film offers the most extreme infrared (IR) rejection in the industry Most tints come in 5, 15, 20, 30, 35, 45, 55, and 70%. Since your front windows come with 70% tint from the factory, Adding a 30% or 35% tint over the stock 70% will get you the closest to a factory match rear. Keep in mind though that the front row has the windshield which give MUCH more backlight than the rear cargo area

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70 percent tint. If you are like most people, you wonder why some vehicles have a darker shade while others don't appear to have any shade. Well, it all comes down to percentages. The percentage refers to the amount of light passing through the window. Here we look at everything you need to know about 70% tint. Read along to learn more Most states limit the amount of tint on a car's windshield or front side windows. Check Out This Sample of State Laws: Six states (AK, CA, DE, IA, NY, PA) and the District of Columbia require 70. Window Tint Standards can be found in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 1, Rule 21.3. NOTE: Windows immediately to the right and left of the driver that have less than 25% light transmission will fail inspection, regardless of the model year of the vehicle. Windshield. Sunscreening devices can be applied to the windshield if all of the conditions below are met 3M Ceramic IR Automotive Window Film is the ultimate in performance and style. It is made of nano-ceramic particles added to polyester film to provide a great factory color match to a vehicle's rear tinted windows. Its nano-ceramic construction allows for up to 95% infrared heat rejection (900-1,000nm), helping to keep your car's interior cool caca_on said: Just did mine today. 15% front and 30% back so they could match. Also air 80 on windshield. Looks sick! $479 here in Orlando, a little pricey because I went with the llumar ctx ceramic film. All my other cars has the same tint % and it's perfect for the Florida weather, and yes, cops don't like it, but never got a tkt either

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Alibaba.com offers 1,824 70 windshield tint products. A wide variety of 70 windshield tint options are available to you, such as use, material, and type The percent of visible light allowed through your car windows is called VLT: Visible Light Transmission. The percentage of light allowed through your film and glass in Georgia is very specific and different for sedan and SUV or vans. Tint darkness for sedans: Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 6 inches of the windshield. Fron

Meanwhile, a ceramic film car window tint is more superior in rejecting the entry of UV light into the passenger cabin by absorbing and reflecting glare. It also blocks about 70% to 90% of the sun's solar heat, compared to carbon tint with only about 40% blocking action. Also, if you have the ceramic tint film installed on the windshield, you. 3M Crystalline Window Tint Costs. Crystalline is the highest quality 3M tint, a high-technology film that is produced using multilayer nanotechnology, the same process used to improve the brightness in flat panel LCD televisions. The average 3M Crystalline tint cost is: 2-door car or truck (3 windows): $500. 4-door car or truck (5 windows): $560 35% Tint: Using a 35% tint crafts a darker appearance but still allows you to see through with ease. It gives your car a smooth look with many advantages. 20% Tint: With 20% tint, you can see through the window up close from an outside view, but it's difficult. 5% Tint: Applying a 5% tint means you can't see through at all Restricted tint colors. In California you are not allowed to use red or amber window tint film on front windshield. No color-altering tint is permitted on any other windows. Medical exemptions. Many states allow different window tint percentages due to certain medical conditions

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Ceramic Window Tint As the name would suggest, ceramic film contains small, ceramic-based particles. Unlike other window tints on this list, there is no metal in ceramic and it does not get dyed in the manufacturing process xpel prime xr ceramic window tint Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the line film without breaking the bank This tint falls within that range for a vast majority of states. In general, you will find a factory window tin percentage ranging between 15% to 35%. This specifies the windows would be deflecting around 65% percent of the visible light, allowing about 15-35% However, Ontario Window Tint Laws of 2017 changed that. Aftermarket cars since January 1st 2017 cannot have tinted windshields. This is a part of section 73(3) of Ontario Highway Traffic Act. The VLT rate or Visible Light Transmission rate of the vehicle's front and side windows should be 70% or higher PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OPTIC NANO CERAMIC WINDOW TINT *mainly for car window tints **may not be suitable for all architectural window types Structure: 2 ply. Thickness: 1.9 mil. Visible Light Transmission: 5% Visible Light Reflection: 12% Infrared Rejection: 99% UV Rejection: 99% Solar Energy Rejection: 70% Glare Rejection: 94% Hardness: 2H Application Method: Wet apply! Skill level needed for.

Tinted your front windshield? Couple questionsTesla 3 Examples of Tint Shades by AcutintPRO, the AutoWindow Tint 15 Percent Shade 100 Percent IRR 100 PercentFlorida Window Tint Question | Toyota Tundra Forum35% tint all around, please post pics | PriusChat

Tennessee Window Tint Company's goal is to provide our customers the best customer service with the Best Quality of Window Tinting, Window Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, and Auto Paint Protection Services in the area. It is the quality of our products and our professional services that insures our customers will be happy for many years to come Just got my truck back. Every pane of glass, including sunroof, got 35% ceramic. Full tint windshield - not sure what percentage, but I can tell it's a bit darker. No distortion on the windshield at all, although, he did say that polarized lenses won't be your friend. But he also said you shouldn't need sunglasses any longer Had XPel XR ceramic installed yesterday. I did 20% all around, no windshield and I can honestly say it's the best tint I've ever had. And I've had 3M ceramic and crystalline on a past vehicle. You definitely notice the heat rejection. My guy didn't have the plus in stock at the time so I was a.. The options for Ceramic film is 70, 50, 35 and 15 percent Advanced ceramics in the film reject up to 59% of total solar energy and up to 80% of infrared rays Non-metallized window film prevents interference with GPS or satellite radio receptio Optional ceramic tint that manages heat and ultraviolet rays Colors matched to existing factory privacy glass trucks can now use clear window films as long as at least 70 percent of the normal light is transmitted. For more information on regulations click HERE