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The wand of Gilderoy Lockhart was nine inches, made of cherry with a dragon heartstring core, and was described as slightly bendy It is unknown when Gilderoy Lockharts wand was bought, but it was manufactured by Ollivander's Wand Shop sometime before 1992. Gilderoy also kept it with him while he became a permanent resident of St. Mungos. 1 Description 2 History 2.1 Use at Hogwarts 3 Behind the Scenes 4 Appearances 5 References The wand is nice and straight, with two small curls at the end of the handle. This wand did not. Gilderoy Lockhart's Wand - 13 long. This is a high quality beautiful prop reproduction wand beautifully hand crafted of real wood, carved and stained with great care & detail by an individual wand maker Gilderoy Lockhart is a major antagonist in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsand its 2002 film adaptation of the same name. He is a famous author and formerly Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. He is also a fraud author who only sought fame. In the movie, he was portrayed by Kenneth Branagh, who also portrayed Dr. Arliss Loveless in Wild Wild West, Viktor. Gilderoy Lockhart's knees had given way. 'Get up,' said Ron sharply, pointing his wand at Lockhart. Lockhart got to his feet - then he dived at Ron, knocking him to the ground. Harry jumped forward, but too late. Lockhart was straightening up, panting, Ron's wand in his hand and a gleaming smile back on his face

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Why on earth would he know that Ron's wand was messed up? Except for his memorable first lesson in which the whole classroom got smashed, he never asked his students to take their wands out in class. All he did in lessons was read from his own 'bo.. [Source] Corban Yaxley's wand was of unknown length, wood and core material. 1 History 2 Behind the scenes 3 Appearances 4 Notes and references Corban Yaxley most likely obtained his wand from Ollivanders, before starting his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He used this wand during the First Wizarding War in which he fought as a Death Eater, loyal to Lord Voldemort. minha nova varinha,ms esta sem caixa,depois eu posto mostrando,acompanhem meu canal

Hello everyone, welcome to Part 4 of our Walkthrough for Festival Fun Adventure for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Previously, you worked together with Andre to solve the Cast of the Secret Admirers. After the last outdoor class, you received another note and a sugar quill. This note also had different handwriting, which made you realize you have three secret admirers

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  1. 2 Answers2. Harry and Ron run into Lockhart at St.Mungo's, while they were there to visit Arthur Weasley after the Nagini attack in the Order of the Phoenix. A man was peering out at them all with his nose pressed against the glass. He had wavy blond hair, bright blue eyes, and a broad vacant smile that revealed dazzlingly white teeth
  2. Gilderoy Lockhart's house - So Gilderoy Lockhart was the only child in his family who showed any magical ability, so he was very proud of himself in going off to Hogwarts and he was sorted into Ravenclaw House. Though I suspect, and I think people will be unsurprised to hear, that he narrowly escaped Slytherin, but he scraped into Ravenclaw
  3. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Third Class, (b. 26 January, 1964) was a British half-blood wizard and the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1 September, 1992 to May 1993.Vain and self-obsessive, he was a world-renowned magician and the author of a large series of books on Defence Against the Dark Arts
  4. The Defense Against the Dark Arts class saw many teachers come and go during the events in the Harry Potter series, and the oddest one was, by far, Gilderoy Lockhart. Albus Dumbledore's decision to hire Lockhart has been questioned by fans, but as it turns out, it was all part of a plan
  5. Gilderoy Lockhart is a celebrity wizard and author, on staff for the 1992-1993 school year at Hogwarts as Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Lockhart was born to a Muggle father and witch mother. The latter thought of him as her favourite, which undoubtedly led to his inflated sense of self-importance
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  7. 5 Lockhart: Removed Harry's Bones. It became clear relatively fast that Gilderoy Lockhart had no idea what he was doing. From failed Defense Against the Dark Arts Classes to ordinary spells, Lockhart was collapsing all over the place. Harry was on the receiving end of Lockhart's disappointing healing spell

Memories can be recovered. We know that Lord Voldemort managed to recover memories from Bertha Jorkins' mind, and they were modified by Barty Croupton, who's a very able wizard. So on one side we have Gilderoy Lockhart performing the spell, probab.. [pixie grabs Lockhart's wand and cuts off chain of dinosaur skeleton, which falls] Gilderoy Lockhart : [to Harry, Ron, and Hermione] I'll ask you three to just nip the rest of them back into your case

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  1. I suppose I will read. Snape said, rolling his eyesGilderoy LockhartThe next day, however, Harry barely grinned once.Oh dear... Lily sighedThings started to go downhill from breakfast in the Great Hall. The four long House tables were laden with tureens of porridge, plates of kippers, mountains of toast, and dishes of eggs and bacon, beneath the enchanted ceiling (tod..
  2. Ron does the same thing to Lockhart's wand before forcing him to accompany him and Harry into the Chamber of Secrets. Exceptional character moments. Hermione, in a situation where her reliance on and trust of books has led her to believe Lockhart's reputation against all direct evidence to the contrary
  3. Gilderoy Grant Lockhart ( b. 26 January 1959 ) is the third child born to Muggle father Gregory Lockhart and witching mother Clara Lockhart in Belfast, Ireland. In 1970, he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Ravenclaw for his intellectual potential. After graduating from Hogwarts, he focused on advancing his position in society by joining the rebel group.

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Death Eater's Wand - Swirl. $38.00. Add to Wishlist. Load More. Join or log into the Harry Potter Fan Club for the best experience. Unlock exclusive access and special offers on your Harry Potter favourites and products from around the Wizarding World through the Harry Potter Fan Club. By clicking 'proceed' you consent to sharing your name. Whoever shed this must be 60 feet long, or more. [Gilderoy Lockhart pretends to pass out] Ron: Heart of a lion, this one. [Lockhart steals Ron's wand] Lockhart: [Aims the wand at Harry] The adventure ends here, boys. But don't fret. [Points it at Ron] The world will know our story. How I was too late to save the girl

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  1. Ollivanders is the wand shop located on Diagon Alley. How long has wandmaking been in the family business? Makers of Fine Wands since 392 AD. Makers of Fine Wands since 382 AD. Which of Gilderoy Lockhart's books was not on the second year required book list for Hogwarts? Holidays with Hags. Marauding with Monsters
  2. Although he could definitely talk a big game, Gilderoy Lockhart's empty boasts brought about his eventual downfall. Lockhart was an intelligent and promising student, enough so that the Sorting.
  3. A great memorable quote from the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie on Quotes.net - Harry: It's a snake skin. Ron: Bloody hell. Whoever shed this must be 60 feet long, or more. [Lockhart pretends to pass out. Ron notices.] Heart of a lion, this one. Lockhart: [jumps up and grabs Ron's wand; aims the wand at Harry, then at Ron, then at Harry again] The adventure ends here, boys

Lucius Malfoys first wand was made over a thousand years ago, and passed down the male line of the Malfoy family. It is the longest wand recorded. 1 Description 2 History 2.1 Use at Hogwarts 2.2 3 Appearances 4 References The wand is long, smooth, and black, and has a silver snake head as a handle. The snake has emerald eyes. It is capable of sliding into a cane, making it easy to curse people. Early Life. Born to a witch mother and a Muggle father, with two older sisters, Gilderoy Lockhart was the only one of his parents' three children to show magical ability. A clever, good-looking boy, he was his mother's unashamed favourite, and the realisation that he was also a wizard caused his vanity to blossom like a particularly. Gilderoy Lockhart is a popular author and wizarding celebrity who has written many books about his adventures He attempts to cast a Memory Charm on Harry and Ron using Ron's damaged wand, but the spell backfires and leaves him with near-total amnesia. Horace Slughorn is the long-serving Potions teacher and Head of Slytherin House since.

J.K. Rowling has claimed that Professor Lockhart is the only character in the Harry Potter novels who is based directly on a real person: The only character who is deliberately based on a real person is Gilderoy Lockhart. [Laughter]. Maybe he is not the one that you would think of, but I have to say that the living model was worse. [Laughter] Gilderoy Lockhart is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe. Ron and Harry lift their wands at Lockhart (in the book used the disarming spell learned from Snape), as they will probably take a very long time to (or will never) recover It is revealed that Lockhart had been taking credit all along for the work of others, using a memory charm to wipe the original memories. In a twist of fate, Ron's wand backfires when Lockhart uses it to try and wipe both he and Harry's memories, permanently destroying the fraudulent author's mind. 3. Remus Lupi Gilderoy Lockhart Kenneth Branagh appears in footage as the pompous Gilderoy Lockhart, incompetent substitute teacher and best-selling fraudster. Look in the window of the bookstore, where you'll also see his popular travelogues Travel with Trolls and A Year with the Yeti

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Gilderoy Lockhart. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Lockhart is known for many great deeds, which he writes about at length in his many memoirs. However, over the course of the book he is shown to be more and more inept at magic, until it becomes clear that Lockhart is a fraud Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Household Pests. Where does Hagrid keep his wand? He puts an Engorgement Charm on them. What is the name of one of Lockhart's fans? 6 months. How long was Lockhart on the bestseller list? Tom Riddle's Special Award for Services to the School. What award did Ron vomit on? Pepperup Potion

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Sirius Blacks wand's history is really confusing. Sirius was an Azkaban resident, so it was taken away from him. He most likely made his own because Ollivander most likely would've been afraid of him. 1 Description 2 History 2.1 Use at Hogwarts 2.2 Unknown Fate 3 Appearances The wand is flat and smooth, with designs carved onto the side. It is said that those carving say more or less human. Molly Weasley is Ron Weasley's mother. She is a plump witch and very kind, helping Harry out on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters when he doesn't know how to get to the Hogwarts Express. 1 Introduction 2 From the Story 2.1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 2.1.1 Discovered in chapter 6, The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters 2.2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2.2.1. Lockhart straightened from his trunk, twisting to face Ron with a surprised look on his face. Mr. Weasley, you're showing an unexpected level of brilliance here. Pity you weren't able to harness that for class. Colloportus! With a wave of his wand, the door to Lockhart's office closed and locked and Lockhart leaned back on his desk Name one of Gilderoy Lockhart's books (even if plagerised) What colour robes was Arthur Weasley wearing when he came home and found Harry with his family? What place on the league table did the Chudley Cannons hold during the summer of 1992? What day of the week did Harry end up in Knockturn Alley in 1992? What broom did Ron have in 1992 Panting Harry took the toy from Gilderoy's mouth and drew back, replacing himself with the rubber. Gilderoy gasped, wriggling a bit as the toy touched the nerves. 'It won't be in for long, just enough to keep you open for me' Harry spoke, pulling the man up and kissing him. He idly heard Winky returning

Lockhart has written many best-selling books chronicling his daring adventures, and he revels in his own celebrity. According to information posted on the Pottermore web site, Gilderoy Lockhart's birthday is 26 January, and his wand is cherry and dragon heartstring 1 of 26. DIY Harry Potter Costume. That red-and-yellow scarf is an instantly recognizable way to transform into Harry Potter himself. Add a wand and golden snitch, and you're nearly done! Get the tutorial at Brit + Co. SHOP CHOPSTICKS. Treasures for Tots . 2 of 26. DIY Hermione Costume

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Gilderoy Lockhart: Harry Potter: When Lockhart inadvertently admitted himself to be a credit-stealing fraud to Harry and Ron, he attempted to cast a Memory Charm on them to cover his tracks. However, Harry was faster at disarming him, and Ron threw Lockhart's wand out the open window. Later that same day, Lockhart once again attempted to cast. Lockhart took a stack of papers from his desk, and started handing them out to each student. To see how well you read my books, for the next half hour we're going to have a little quiz, He said this in a sickeningly lavish voice, and Harry knew why the second he laid eyes on the first question. 1. What is Gilderoy Lockhart's favorite color? 2 Dragon Heartstring wands are also the easiest to turn to the dark arts and are prone to accidents. List Of Notable Dragon Heartstring Wand Users: Hermione Granger, Viktor Krum, Gilderoy Lockhart, and Professor McGonagall all had wands that used Dragon Heartstring. So did Bellatrix Lestrange, Peter Pettigrew, Lucius Malfoy, and Dolores Umbridge The Harry Potter Wand with Ollivanders Wand Box is a meticulous recreation of the wand and box props used in the Harry Potter film series, crafted with high quality materials. Comes complete with a replica of the original Ollivanders wand box. Officially authorized by Warner Brothers. Measures 15 inches in length. Exact 1:1 scale reproduction It was creepy. Harry Potter #1: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Book Club Ideas. Harry Potter #2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book Club Ideas. Harry Potter #3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner at Azkaban Book Club Ideas. Harry Potter #4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book Club Ideas

Today was the trial of Gilderoy Lockhart AKA as 'dumbass' in Jet's case. A great many people, including a lot of reporters, had shown up so they could witness the trial of Gilderoy Lockhart, the man who was quite famous for the 'heroic deeds' he had performed Draco Malfoy is a recurring antagonist in the Harry Potter book and film series. He comes off as a cowardly bully throughout the series, but after Voldemort is defeated in the Battle of Hogwarts, he reforms to some extent, and becomes friendlier towards Harry Potter and his friends. 1 Background 1.1 Personality and traits 1.2 Physical appearance 1.3 Powers and Abilities 1.3.1 Magical abilities. 6. GILDEROY LOCKHART. The next day, however, Harry barely grinned once. Things started to go downhill from breakfast in the Great Hall. The four long house tables were laden with tureens of porridge, plates of kippers, mountains of toast, and dishes of eggs and bacon, beneath the enchanted ceiling (today, a dull, cloudy gray) Professor Snape's wand is 13.25 inches long. It's black, spare and severe, just like the man himself. The longest wand in the Wizarding World actually belongs to Professor Gilderoy Lockhart. Harry avoids Gilderoy Lockhart and Colin Creevey as much as possible, and Ron's wand continues to muddle spells. Early Saturday morning, Harry is shaken awake by Oliver Wood, the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, for a crack-of-dawn practice

Evolution of wand designs in the Harry Potter universe. Wand design is a key part of the Wizarding World's visual worldbuilding, from the redesigns in Prisoner of Azkaban to the 1920s wands of Fantastic Beasts. On this page of the Wandmaker's Notebook, we'll look at how the wands have evolved over time, and explore the role artists and prop. In the Gilderoy Lockhart's Adventures Adversaries Event, not only were there increased sightings of Gilderoy Lockhart Adversaries, but you also got a chance to face the magical creatures that he claimed to have fought in his books. At the beginning of the month, players encountered increased sightings of Vampires, Hags, Trolls, and Gnomes However, Voldemort has a very long wand, just like e.g. Gilderoy Lockhart. So the description does not regard your personal goodness. Even evil people can apparently have more rounded characters. It probably means that Voldemort´s Evil is well-rounded. Flexibility: Nice and supple Whoops - My wand is a little over excited! - Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling. Do you believe people get what they deserve in the end? Because that's exactly what happens to Gilderoy Lockhart, a character in the Harry Potter books.. Born in 1964 to a Muggle father and a witch mother, Lockhart attended school at the Hogwarts School of.

It was first used in the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Gilderoy Lockhart unsuccessfully cast this spell with a broken wand resulting in a backfiring. This was a pivotal point in the narrative and has made the spell quite popular among younger Harry Potter fans Although Gilderoy Lockhart's memory being wiped is sort of Played for Laughs, it becomes horrifying when we see him again in book 5 in the Spell Damage Ward at St. Mungo's.Also interesting, considering that the memory charms that Gilderoy Lockhart put on the people who actually did the deeds he claims he did are decidedly not played for laughs.; There's a comedy sequence of the Weasleys. 1. How many times has Gilderoy Lockhart counted to infinity? 2. What does Gilderoy Lockhart do instead of sleep? 3. What is Gilderoy Lockhart's favorite food? 4. When Gilderoy Lockhart needs information, what does he do? And so on in the same vein. Half an hour later, Lockhart collected the quizzes, and shortly thereafter, he had finished. 10. Expulso. User(s): Antonin Dolohov, Harry Potter Description: Taken directly from the Harry Potter wiki, this spell produces immense explosions, blasting the target apart with a burst of blue light. Encounter in book seven, The Deathly Hallows, Expulso narrowly misses Harry and detonates a nearby table; just being near the explosion slams our scar-headed hero into a wall

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A quiz about the most insignificant details in the Harry Potter series, varying from Lockhart's favorite color to Harry's birthday. Quiz: A True Potterhead Will Know All Of These 22 Insignificant Detail But, Gilderoy Lockhart is much more than just an arrogant, annoying (former) Hogwarts professor. Lockhart is an embodiment of pride, a pride that could be argued is similar to Tom Riddle's pride. Initially, Lockhart's pride seems the most silly, the most harmless, the most foolish form of pride Our Hogwarts classes. First up was Flourish & Blotts book shop. This is where Hogwarts students get their textbooks. For the party it is where the girls would get their Standard Lessons, Year 1 workbook. Flourish & Blotts at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Bug-A-Boo in front of a Gilderoy Lockhart window display at Gilderoy Lockhart's knees had given way. Get up, said Ron sharply, pointing his wand at Lockhart. Lockhart got to his feet—then he dived at Ron, knocking him to the ground. Harry jumped forward, but too late—Lockhart was straightening up, panting, Ron's wand in his hand and a gleaming smile back on his face Chamber of Secrets Frequently Asked Questions : Page 5 This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Chamber of Secrets, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Chamber of Secrets .

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Gilderoy Lockhart. Cherry: 9 The wand was described as expensive. Harry Potter Holly: 11 Phoenix feather: Nice and supple Brother to Voldemort's wand — the core tail feathers are both from Fawkes; broken in December 1997 while fleeing from Godric's Hollow; repaired with the Elder Wand in May 1998. Harry Potter (wand #2) Blackthorn: 10. Harry grows up with fame, understanding that his past has left him with an obligation to live up to his heritage, while Lockhart views fame as the ultimate end, and cheats, lies, fakes, and smiles his way into fame. Lockhart spends the entirety of the story giving Harry pointers on how to handle fame, but Harry is entirely uninterested Start studying Harry Potter Trivia. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools The set includes Ollivander's wand shop 75978 Diagon Alley also includes four brand new mini figures: Gilderoy Lockhart, Florean Fortescue, Lucius Malfoy and Bozo, the Daily Prophet. gilderoy lockhart got hired at hogwarts because dumbledore thought it would be funny. For all his machinations and questionable morality, Dumbledore unquestionably possessed a fine sense of humor

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Gilderoy Lockhart . You're probably surprised that I didn't put Gilderoy in the worst teacher spot, a large part of me wanted to, however Gilderoy Lockhart teaches Harry something that saves his life. At the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when Harry has been transported to the graveyard he is told to duel Lord Voldermort Gilderoy Lockhart; Wanderings with Werewolves. It was a cold, damp spring evening, there was a slight breeze ruffling my award-winning golden hair. I was in the middle of what some would consider.

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With wand in hand and a smile on his lips, Lockhart's demeanor switched to that of one about to give a lecture. Now, the incantation is Finite Incantatem. You pronounce it as fi-NEE-tay in-can-TAH-tem, Lockhart said with a heavy emphasis on the pronunciation of the spell. With his wand in hand, Lockhart moved his wand through the air, leaving. What happened to Gilderoy Lockhart at the end? Died . Lost Memory . Went to Azkaban . Question / Which store did Gilderoy Lockhart take a photo with Harry Potter? Ollivander's Wand Shop . Eeylops Owl Emporium . Flourish and Blotts . Question / What cured Harry Potter of Basilisk venom? How Long Would You Last In The Hunger Games? Latest. Harry James Potter (born July 31, 1980) is the main character and protagonist of the Harry Potter series, which ran from 2001 through 2011. During the series, he normally lives with his selfish uncle and aunt, while during most of the year, he lives in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, located inside the Hogwarts castle. He gains help from his two friends during the series, namely. Gilderoy Lockhart Filius Flitwick Question 3/12. Cuthbert Binns, History of Magic professor, is the students' only ghost teacher. he knew his story was too long to squeeze into one film, so he quickly began preparing for creating the original trilogy. This wand Harry Potter quiz will find the best fit for every wizard or witch,.

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Lockhart had a place to live. When The Daily Prophet broke the scandalous story that Gilderoy Lockhart was little more than a fraud, the extravagant lifestyle that the five-time winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award had enjoyed for so many years vanished as if by magic. However, not all was lost; there remained a small, tidy, vine. From $39.99 $40.79. Officially licensed by Warner Brothers. Beautifully crafted plush replica from the Harry Potter franchise. Approximately 14' in height Like a Blast-Ended Skrewt with its stinger removed, magical but a little too safe. 8. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) It feels like sacrilege to put the first movie so low. The. Colin Creevey, a first year, tries to take Harry's photo, and wants a signed photo. Gilderoy keeps over hearing these types of moments and tries to teach Harry about how to handle being a celebrity. We know that Harry wants to be normal, and is trying to show that, but Lockhart embraces it, and thrives on it Fortunately, he used Ron's failed wand, and the spell finally hit. he himself. In short, Hermione now fully recognizes Lockhart's true face. To be honest, Ivan misses the days of Lockhart, he may not be a good professor, but he does give himself a lot of convenience

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With a winning smile, Lockhart walked up to the fat man and poked the tip of his wand between the bastard's eyes. Surrender or prepare to be thrashed, fien- The impact of the antagonist's fist on Gilderoy's jaw interrupted both his carefully prepared speech and his carefully laid plans Harry Potter has been at school for a long, long time. Even in LEGO minifigure form, he started at Hogwarts way back in 2001. right past Professor Gilderoy Lockhart's office on the third. Fanfic: Amalgum - Lockhart's Folly Ch 7, Harry Potter | FanFiction. Chapter 7. Murder by Bludger. Harry/Gilderoy really hated the Quidditch game that Saturday, but he dared not deviate from the course of events. The hardest part, the absolute hardest part, was to pretend to botch the healing spell on Harry's arm

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Gilderoy Lockhart's duelling club also takes place inside the Great Hall, where the banqueting tables resemble fencing pistes. Both tables are wide enough to accommodate duellists placed on top and one table can launch a minifigure, perhaps portraying Lockhart's easy disarming by Professor Snape The man who was once a braggadocious professor of the doomed Defense Against the Dark Arts post becomes an Adversary once again in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Niantic has announced the details of the Gilderoy Lockhart's Adventures Adversaries vent, which begins today. Let's get into the details. Niantic posted the.. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the gilderoy Flickr tag The car is spotted by muggles up and down the countryside, and both Harry and Ron are disciplined by the Ministry of Magic. They crash into the Whomping Willow. Hogwarts students are excited when Professor Lockhart starts a dueling club. At the first meeting, Harry unwittingly reveals a mysterious and rare ability

The students stayed in their seats, staring at Lockhart in shock. Lockhart snarled, pulled out his wand, and with an angry flick of his wrist, sent all of the doors in the classroom flying open. Get. Out. He quietly growled and walked back to his desk Flourish and Blotts was a popular bookshop in the wizarding world. Many students of Hogwarts School purchased their school books at the shop, and they have been known to hold book signings, including one for Gilderoy Lockhart in the summer of 1992. 1 About 2 History 3 Books 4 Notes and sources The shelves were stacked to the ceilings and had books the size of paving stones bound in leather. Analysis. Curiously, there does not seem to be any Wizarding fiction, apart from the collection of comic books of The Adventures of Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle in Ron 's room. Granted, most of the work produced by Rita Skeeter and Gilderoy Lockhart seems to be largely fictional, however it is not classed as fiction Template:Rb Lily Evans was born to Gregory and Carol Evans on January 30, 1960. Lily is a muggle-born witch. She is the second Evans child, her sister Petunia being the first. At the age of eleven Lily received her letter to attend, Hogwarts Schoool of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She went to Hogwarts from 1971-1978. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Hogwarts Years 1.2.1 Year 1 (1971-1972) 1.2.2 Year.