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Blue Sparkle Dust is a fine powder that mimics the volcanic ash of the Chinchilla's native environment. Directions: Chinchillas should be given dust to roll in at least twice a week. Dust can be left in the cage at all times, or for a few minutes several times a week. Net Weight 50lbs (22.68kg) Product of U.S.A This item: Blue Sparckle Chinchilla Dust 50lb $129.99. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Small Fury pet supply wholesale inc.. Kaytee Chinchilla Bath House, Assorted Colors, 9.25''X9''X8.5'' $20.99. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details Blue Sparkle is great dust that will bath any chin! We use Blue Sparkle to dust the chinchillas in our breeding program regularly. 3.5 pound bag. Out of stock. SKU: 203 Category: Dust. Additional information Reviews (0) Additional information. Weight: 3.6 lbs Blue Sparkle Dust - 1 lb. - $1.15 / 5 lbs. - $5.00 / 10 lbs. - $8.50 Blue Sparkle Dust is a higher quality dust for your chins bath. It works good to remove the excess oils in a chinchillas fur

item 2 15 lbs Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust Bath FREE SHIPPING - 15 lbs Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust Bath FREE SHIPPING. $34.99. Free shipping. Ratings and Reviews. Write a review. 4.8. 24 product ratings. 5. 21 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 21. 4. 2 users rated this 4 out of 5 stars 2. 3 A big ole' bag of Chinchilla dust for a more or less decent price. That shipping cost can't be beat though. Buy it from anywhere else and shipping 50 lbs will be more expensive than the usual $1-2 per lb for the dust itself. The dust itself is pretty awesome too, I hear it's one of the best. Be warned though, it's called Blue SPARKLE for a.

Chinchilla Dust - Blue Sparkle - 11 lbs. (flat rate) $28.50. Chinchillas bathe in chinchilla dust. It is required to keep their fur in good condition. Do you just need to order dust? Get 11 pounds in a medium flat rate box (USPS priority shipping) for $28.50. Price includes: $13.75 - 11 pounds Blue Sparkle Dust

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  1. or. Blue Cloud is finer than Blue Sparkle and more expensive. It is believed that the finer dust is the best at cleaning the fur and keeping the coat in good condition. Blue Sparkle contains small particles of mica which gives the chinchilla's coat a sparkle for a short time after bathing
  2. You will add a small amount of dust to keep it at a level for the chin to take a good bath, about 1/2 - 1. Other brands of bathing dust are Blue Sparkle which I have never used before, but hear it is a good dust and leaves your chin with a slight shimmered look. Personally, I don't think a chin should shimmer
  3. Blue Sparkle Dust This is the dust that we use for most of our chinchilla herd. They just love rolling around in it! $1.25 per pound . Standlee Hay Cubes - Alfalfa/Timothy Mix. These are the hay cubes we feed our herd. They love em! $1.25 per pound . Loose Hay

What Chinchilla DUST is SAFE? We pampered our chinnies just like you! Why take risk to use unknown dust that may cause health hazard to yourself and your chins. 1) Blue cloud DOES NOT contain NO arsenic, NO lime, or NO free silica. Blue Cloud is a by-product of mining down in Saugus (Southern California High quality chinchilla food (Mazuri, Oxbow, Traditions, Klein, Purina Rabbit Chow Show Formula, Nutrena Naturewise 16%, Manna Pro Show Rabbit Feed) Chinchilla dust (Blue Cloud, Blue Sparkle, Chill Dust Blue Sparkle dust bath is a favorite of chinchilla owners. If that's not available, try something unscented. You may be able to get a small box of dust from your pet store which would be a good to test to see if your chinchilla will roll around in it Blue Cloud Dust (5 lbs) $25.00. NOTE: Due to the Blue Cloud mine closing, the price has increased tremendously. I have raised the price based on my own cost to get this. Blue Cloud dust is the best you can possibly purchase for your chinchilla. We use this exclusively with our breeders, growers, rescues and pets NWI Chinchillas is your one-stop-shop for everything chinchilla related. We sell a variety of chinchilla items, such as food, dust, chinchilla care packs, hammocks, hidey houses, and more! If you don't see it here, ask us! -- we may be able to get it for you. Please note: if you see an item on our Supplies for Sale page and it's not on our.

Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Bath Dust . We have tried several bath dusts, and this is the one we have found to be the best. It is very fine, allowing it to leave a soft, sparkling clean coat. By the Pound - $2.00. 5 lb. Bag - $9.00. 10 lb. Bag - $17.00 . First Cut Timothy Hay A fine powder is used to penetrate the chinchillas naturally dense fur, this powder absorbs the oils in the fur taking the look from greasy and flat to light and fluffy. The dust is made from finely ground pumice, volcanic ash and rock. We know it as blue cloud or blue sparkle dust in the USA

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Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust: 11: This dust is fine like a powder to get deep into the chinchillas coat. Blue Sparkle is okay, but the sparkles look unnatural and if you are going to show you need Blue Cloud. -Ruby Monday 3/23/2009 4:34 pm : i love it my chin sparkles i love i We DO HAVE the Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust. We do not have Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust, what we have is Blue Cloud Litter, which is very dusty like the dust, but has lots of little pieces of the rock in it, i.e., it has not been ground completely to a dust

Lixit Blue Beauty Dust (also known as Blue Sparkle Dust) is perfect to use in dry baths for Chinchillas, Gerbils & Degus. It is sustainably mined, completely natural, and there are no added chemicals during processing. This natural dust encourages your pet's instinctual grooming and removes moisture, oils, and odours from the fur, helping to maintain a soft and healthy coat. This dust is a. Mazuri Chinchilla Feed. Mazuri chinchilla food (Purina Mills Inc.) is a complete ration in pellet form designed especially for chinchillas in all phases of their life cycle. Mazuri is a high quality food for chinchillas. 1 lb - $1.50. 5 lbs - $7.50. Just need Mazuri food, use the buy now button below Chinchilla fur can get a greasy look if not given a dust bath on a regular basis; this is not healthy for them, we offer dust bath at least once a week or as needed. Most dusts available at pets stores will suffice; we use Chill Dust and Blue Sparkle that we purchase in bulk

This causes the dust to soak up oil and dirt from their fur. The bath dust for your pet should reach several inches deep in a container. Two types of dusts used most often are Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust and Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust. Make sure the bath dust you purchase is specifically tailored for your pet chinchilla. You risk. The dust bath should only be made available to the chinchilla intermittently, rather than left in the cage indefinitely. Too much bathing can dry their skin out and if the dust is left in the cage, chinchillas will often sit in the bathtub and/or use it as a litter box. Offer the dust bath to your chinchilla at least twice a week in the evening. Not just any dust will do and special chinchilla dust bath, such as Blue Cloud or Blue Sparkle, can be purchased. Provide them with dust for a bath every day, from 15 minutes to an hour at a time. Place one inch of the dust in a flat dish large enough for the chinchilla to roll in. Don't leave the dust bath in the cage because the animal will.

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The two (2) main brands of dust (this is volcanic) is Blue Cloud and Blue Sparkle. Only a tablespoon for each chinchilla is needed. The container you provide them is important mostly to you as they enjoy rolling in anything. I use glass cookie style containers and metal tins. Both have lids so I can set them aside when the chinchillas are. Type of dust? Im running out of my stockpile of blue cloud dust, and was wondering what the community thinks is the best replacement since blue cloud is increasingly difficult to get: Blue Sparkle, Blue Beauty (lixit and Oxbow brands?), or ChillDust

Dust: Some safe brands are Kaytee, You & Me, Blue Beauty, Poof!, Blue Cloud, Blue Sparkle, ChillDust. Dust Pans: Metal or glass bakeware make great dust pans for chins. Toys; Chinchilla safe woods and materials are KD pine wood, apple wood, pecan wood, pear wood, willow wood, loofah, pumice stone We sell chinchilla dust - specifically Blue Sparkle - at $1.25/lb. Chinchilla dust is also sold at pet stores, typically in a 2-3 pound container for around $10. Please do not buy chinchilla bath sand - this is considerably coarser than bath dust, and is too coarse for your chinchilla's fur Dust Your new chinchilla is going to need dust to bathe in. There are four commonly used types in the industry; -Blue Cloud - The original dust used by breeders for showing. Has been replaced by Chill Dust due to the mine closing. Rondaschins.com still has some for sale, it is a very good dust. -Blue Sparkle - Used by some breeders but I really. after you purchase 5 1.5 pound bags of blue sparkle. free 1.5 pound bag of blue sparkle. on your next purchase. after you purchase 5 1.5 pound bags of blue sparkle. Terms and Conditions: chin cash + feed perks + dust perks powered by buckeye chinchilla.

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There are many types of chinchilla dust to choose from, with the Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust and the Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust being the most popular ones. I do not recommend any dust with added sparkles. Chinchilla dust is specifically manufactured in a way that will make the chinchillas feel that they're in their natural. This causes the dust to soak up oil and dirt from their fur. The bath dust for your pet should reach several inches deep in a container. Two types of dusts used most often are Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust and Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust. Make sure the bath dust you purchase is specifically tailored for your pet chinchilla Two sorts of dusts used most frequently are Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust and Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Mud. Be sure the bathtub dust you purchase is especially tailored to your pet chinchilla. You danger not having the same impact in your pet if your purchase one factor apart from bathtub dust Chinchilla dust is to keep them clean which if you also didn't know they love to stay clean! It. Also makes them feel like they are in their natural habitat. 2 or 3 times a week you give them some dust and leave it in the cage for 10-15 minutes. 1. 2. By. Nadine D. Edmonton, AB. 312 reviews One of the cutest things a chinchilla does is the nose rub after a dust bath! I've never seen chinchilla dust that was unsuitable. If you're a pet owner, just go with what you can find. Discriminating breeders will generally use Blue Sparkle or (mostly) Blue Cloud, but they are not always easy to find

ChillDust™ is a pure and natural bathing dust that provides your chinchillas and degus with both the means to keep that lush fur coat in primo condition and the flipping, spinning, effusive joy that comes with it. blue cloud dust Toys degu dust degu bath chilldust blue sparkle More Listed on Mar 14, 2021 70 favorite I am a member of Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative, Inc. and the Colorado Branch. I am the distributor of Blue Sparkle Dust for the Colorado Branch. Please visit the Purchase Supplies page for pricing on these products. My chinchilla ranch is located in Greeley, Colorado, about 50 miles north of Denver Both are marketed for chinchillas. It's going to be more of a personal choice. Blue Cloud Dust is what I personally use on my chins, and it seems to be the most recommended by breeders and pet stores. Blue Cloud only list one ingredient because it is just dust from blue cloud volcanic ash (their natural bathing source)

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Then, fill the container with about 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) blue cloud or blue sparkle dust, which is available in most pet stores. Your chinchilla will use this space to take regular dust baths. Dust baths are important because they keep your chinchilla's hair from getting oily or matted. This, in turn, means fewer damaged hairs and hairballs Prices do not include shipping. When ordering please email me the product, amount of product, and shipping address for exact price and I will email you a paypal invoice

Happy Home Pet Products Bathing Dust for Chinchillas 27 oz. Jar You've never felt anything softer than your adorable, furry little pet chinchilla. But that doesn't mean the little guy doesn't start to smell after a while. Not to worry. Bathe him with Happy Home Bathing Dust for Chinchillas Lixit Blue Beauty Chin Bath Dust 1.36kg. R 260.00. Lixit Blue Beauty Dust (also know as Blue Sparkle Dust) is perfect to use in dry baths for Chinchillas, Gerbils & Degus. It is sustainably mined, completely natural, and there are no added chemicals during processing. This natural dust encourages your pet's instinctual grooming and removes. Chinchilla dust bath Clear glass jar with metal lid. Your chinchilla will love this fresh feeling clear glass jar to take his private dust baths. cute drawing of chinchilla character painted on. Each dust bath is hand painted, so each drawing will be differ in variations. Leave lid off when givin Access to a dust bath should be provided daily, if possible, or at least several times per week. Dust bathing reduces fur lipids of chinchillas. 3 Sanitized chinchilla dust is available commercially at pet stores. Two commercial dust baths, Blue Cloud and Blue Sparkle, can be obtained from various web-based chinchilla supply stores Lixit Blue Beauty dust is the best chinchilla dust you can use. This ultra-fine powder which is also know as Blue Sparkle dust contains no limestone, glass, or sand and shakes completely out of fur. It is specifically made for chinchillas for this purpose

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Figure on a complete replacement of dust at least once a month. Between refills, use a small strainer to sift the fecal pellets (poo) out of the dust. The 2 top dusts are Blue Cloud and Blue Sparkle. Blue Sparkle can be ordered in our WebShop or can be bought by the pound from several places Do not leave the dust bath in the cage. Fecal pellets can be sifted from the dust and the dust reused until it no longer dusts up. If the chinchilla urinates in the dust, dump the bath out and clean the container before refilling. Scented dust may be harmful. Chill Dust, Blue Sparkle and LM Farms dusts are recommended. 7 Blue Sparkle | 29 followers on LinkedIn. Cabinet de conseil en stratégie marketing et stratégie digitale. Accompagnement dans sa mise en oeuvre. Paris - Barcelone - Zurich Nous construisons. Creative Pet Supply Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust 5 lb. (EX SHIPPING) [BSP00002] - Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust for use in Ware Pet's or Lixit's Chinchilla Baths or other Chinchilla Baths. Mined and refined in the USA. Can Also Be Used For Gerbils, Hamsters And Other Pets Who Use A Dry Dust Bath. PLEASE NOTE: ACTUAL SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY TO THIS ITEM, SHIPPING CHARGE

Blue Sparkle is the best chinchilla dust you can use. This ultra-fine aluminum silicate powder contains no limestone, glass, or sand and shakes completely out of fur. It is specifically made for chinchillas for this purpose. When the chinchillas roll in Blue Sparkle dust, it penetrates their coat down to the skin and absorbs oil and dirt from. Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Dust - $2.00 per pound Pine Shavings - $12.00 per bale - no shipping of shavings. Home; About Us; About Chinchillas; Chinchillas For Sale; Supplies for Sal 1 lb of Chinchilla Dust Bath (Blue Cloud, Blue Sparkle from Chinstore.) Assorted wooden Chew Toys (untreated pine, we cut these out ourselves) Other types of chinchilla toys - maybe pumice, chew sticks, applewood or hanging toys. Treats (Types of treats like rosehips, shredded wheat, apple treats, etc The ones known to me are blue sparkle and fuller's earth. Dust can be gotten at most pet stores where chins are available. Dust House or Pan You will need a place to put the dust for you chinchilla to use. You should be able to remove the dust from the cage whenever it is not in use Also, dust inside the cage is harder to clean up, and OVER-dusting may cause dry, scaly (and itchy) patches of skin on your chinchilla. The best chinchilla dust is either Blue Cloud or Blue Sparkle. (click on the names to find resources for purchasing.) Blue Cloud comes branded under several different names now (Lixit, All Living Things, etc.

We recommend allowing them to dust bathe several times a week to every other day outside of the cage for a few minutes at a time. Do not use scented dust. We recommend Oxbow's Poof, Blue Cloud, Blue Sparkle, or LM Farms dusts. Male chinchillas need a monthly hair ring check, as they can get a ring of hair around the base of their penis Dust - Commercially available, high-quality dust include Blue Cloud and Blue Sparkle. There are other brands available, but avoid scented dust. Chinchillas need to bathe in dust 2-3 times weekly to keep their coats in good shape. Over-dusting can cause dry skin, especially in the ears and feet; so do not provide unlimited access to the dust Dust- Blue Cloud is the top choice but Blue Sparkle is great too. Dusts found in petstores are INFERIOR and do not do as good a job. Some petstores are selling Blue Cloud from Lixit which is legit, it's just more cost effective to buy from an online source. Digital Scale- Monthly weigh ins are a good indication of chin health. A kitchen scale. Chinchilla dust can be found at any pet store and usually costs between five to ten dollars for a bag. The Blue Cloud dust is the best for chinchillas. We sell it here at $1.25 per lb. Blue Sparkle is another dust recommeneded for those who find it hard to get blue cloud My personal concern with a lot of chinchilla sands and dusts is that for the owners, especially if you've kept animals such as chinchillas where the dust bathing can get excessively dusty and it's not much fun knowing you're inhaling something lethal like blue sparkle

Almost anything can be used for their dust bath container except plastics are not suggested. Metal litter pans, ceramic containers, etc are ideal. Do not use a dust that is scented. Common kinds are Blue Cloud, Blue Sparkle, and Kaytee. Exercise. Chinchillas love to come out of their cages and run around Two commercial dust baths, Blue Cloud and Blue Sparkle, can be obtained from various web-based chinchilla supply stores. Alternatively, a 9:1 mixture of silver sand and Fuller's earth can be used. 28 Fuller's earth is a variety of kaolin that contains aluminum magnesium silicate Posts about thanksgiving written by LY Chinchillas. LY Chinchillas Chinchilla Love and Chinchilla Advice! inspiration can hit you like a 50 lb. bag of blue cloud dust, so the basics are great to always have on hand. The lights shimmer on the streets outside, heavy with a festive sparkle. The window displays drip with gaudy exuberance.

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Chinchilla Hammocks. Every hammock is made from 2 layers of fleece in your choice of solid color, print, or combination of the two. The inside (sleeping part) dimensions of the single hammock are 12 1/2 x 12 1/2, and diagonally (corner to corner), each single hammock measures 23 1/2. Blue Sparkle Dust: $1.00 per pound. Alfalfa Hay Cubes. Sustainable: Planet Petco Blue Cloud Chinchilla dust is only surface mined. No strip mining, overburdening, explosives, hydraulic or tunnels were used in collecting this product. Material handling and hauling is minimal thus reducing the carbon footprint of this product. Planet Petco Blue Cloud Chinchilla dust also absorbs and retains moisture Blue Sparkle Dust is a fine powder that mimics the volcanic ash of the Chinchilla's native environment. Directions: Chinchillas should be given dust to roll in at least twice a week. Dust can be left in the cage at all times, or for a few minutes several times a week

Gallery of chinchillas at SydChilla past and present Blue Diamond SYD E46 Millennium Falcon, owned by Don & Sandy Neville. Peanut SYD D41 Brown velvet. Sparkle Silver chinchilla. Raven Bred by Dr. Katherine Carter. Magnolia BCR B275 Royal Oaks Standard. Lory Chickadee's Standard As always, don't forget to reach out and stay in touch with LY Chinchillas on social media! We're on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter! We'll be sure to update the Favorite Topics page as time goes on, so don't forget to leave us some commentary and follow the blog! 40.712784. -74.005941 These tones will impart a cooler feel to a room and can appear blue in darker conditions. Like the green family, blue toned grays are popular choices for exteriors. Classy MQ5-4, Natural Gray PPU18-10, Silver Bullet N520-2, Smokey Wings PPU26-07, Suede Gray PPU18-17 Purple undertoned hues are probably the most challenging of the gray tones

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The colors of chinchilla colors we raise are Standard Gray White and mosaic crosses Black Velvet Beige ( Hetero and Homo) Brown Velvet Tan Ebony and Ebony Crosses Violet and Violet Crosses Supplies we carry are but not limited to Alfalfa hay cubes Bath houses Breeding cages and collars Bedding Cages (pets, pairs, breeding and travel cages) Chew toys Dust (blue cloud and blue sparkle) Pen cards. Chinchillas need to have a dust bath a minimum of twice weekly. Never bathe a chin in water. Bathing dust is made from crushed pumice. Do not use kitty litter, sand, corn meal, flour, etc. Good brands include ChillDust, Poof, and Blue Sparkle. Add a sprinkle of Desenex or Tinactin powder to your dust to help prevent fungus Asbestos dust is dust which includes fragmented particles of asbestos. It is considered hazardous because inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause lung problems, including the development of mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer. Concerns about the safety of asbestos have led to very tough regulations on the processing and safe disposal of. Clear Filters. Blissful Blue. 4005-3C. Color of the Year. Soft Candlelight. 3005-6C. Color of the Year. Granite Dust. 5006-1C The finely ground silica in blue sparkle would concern me if the chins were inhaling it 8 hours a day for several years, but not for a few minutes at a time a couple times a week. The carcinogenicity of silica is based around it chronicly irritating the lung tissue, not its inherent toxicity (it is fairly inert)

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all chinchillas are like that. it's just in their nature. they love to run, jump on things, popcorn, hop, bark, bounce off walls, all sorts of things. but, that being said, your chinchilla should mellow out in a few years. if you got them at adole.. Let the chinchilla do the rest. They will dig, twist, roll, and play in the dust to get clean. Also the best recommended brand of dust is Blue Cloud and Blue Sparkle. Be sure to clean the dust everyday to remove dirt. You need to remove the droppings, hay, urine, etc. Keep in mind they need a dust bath once a week See more UK Supreme Petfoods Chinchilla Bathing Sand 1 Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab

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New Fabrics now online. Click here to vie A pampered chinchilla took a dust bath in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 24.Michelle Gross runs the phillychinchilly TikTok account, which features her creatively named chinchilla Phil E Chinchilla. The account has accumulated almost 2 million followers.Chinchillas have up to 80 hairs per follicle. Their dense coat is not meant to get wet because it can be hard to completely dry. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Kaytee Chinchilla Bath Sand (1.53 lbs of bath sand) at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products Apr 20, 2019 - Explore Jennifer Holland's board Animals - Chins, followed by 462 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about chinchilla, pet rats, small pets Blue Cloud Dust Bath & Bath House (FOC) for Chinchillas. S$10 S$12. Brand new (unopened) 850g bottle of Sunseed Blue Cloud Dust Bath for Chinchillas. From USA. Retailing at ~$15 in shops and online. Letting go for less and what's more, it comes with a Bath house (Photo #2) FOC! Collection at Joo Chiat only. Ne

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