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Vehicle Seat Location Requirements..20 Vehicle Seat Belt Requirements..21-22 SAFE Vehicle Belt Systems secure the Graco booster seat in the center position of the seat directly behind the front seats. However, this position is often equipped with a lap belt onl your vehicle may NOT be safe for this booster seat. Some vehicles do not have any seating positions that can be used safely with the booster seat. If you are not sure where to place the booster seat in your vehicle, consult your vehicle owner's manual or call Graco Children's Products Inc., at 1-888-224-6549. Vehicle Seat Location Requirements Your baby's safety is our number 1 priority. Learn about Graco's commitment to keeping babies secure with safety testing that goes beyond government standards using this booster seat correctly. Even if using this booster seat seems easy to figure out on your own, it is very important to READ THE OWNER'S MANUAL and the vehicle owner's manual. Your child's safety depends on: 1. Selecting a suitable locationfor the booster seat in your vehicle. 2. Placing child in booster seat. 3

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4.8/5. Buy OnAmazon. Graco Grows4Me 4 in 1 Car Seat, Infant to Toddler Car Seat with 4 Modes, West Point. 4 seats in 1: 4-in-1 seat gives you 10 years of use-it seamlessly transforms from rear-facing harness (5-40 lb), to forward-facing harness (22-65 lb), to highback booster (40-100 lb), to backless booster (40-110 lb) Graco Booster Seat Requirements. Child in booster seat. Graco makes several different booster seats. Some come with removable back support while others are just the seat. Each comes with an owner's manual that will outline the requirements for that particular model and should be read thoroughly Graco TurboBooster Highback Booster Car Seat. Graco. $47.99. Choose options. Highlights. Stage (s): Helps safely transport your big kid from 4-10 years old, from 40-100 pounds* and up to 57 inches tall *To continue to meet industry standards, we have increased the weight minimum from 30 to 40 pounds. Grows with Child: 2-in-1 seat easily. Booster seat age refers to the age of a child at which they are ready to move from a car seat to a booster seat. The appropriate age is generally at least 5 (even though many boosters start at age 4). However, there is also a weight requirement of at least 40 pounds. Verywell / Brianna Gilmartin

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  1. Child Safety Seat Laws Child Safety Seat Law Child passengers must be restrained in child safety seats until they weigh forty pounds or reach the upper weight limit for the car seat in use. Infants must ride rear-facing until they reach two years of age unless the child turned age one prior to May 26, 2017. Booster Seat Law.
  2. Rear- or forward-facing child car seat (high-backed booster seat or booster cushion) using a seat belt, harness or safety shield Manufacturers can now only make booster cushions approved as group 3
  3. Product description. Color: Codey. The TurboBooster LX backless booster with Affix Latch helps safely transport your big kid from 40 to 100 lbs. and up to 57 inches tall. It provides a secure connection to your vehicle seat with its one-hand front-adjust latch system, making self-buckling easier for your independent child
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  5. And then I see daily around here kids not even in booster seats, sitting in the front seat, in new vehicles WITH airbags -- kids the same size as dd in her 5pt harness and/or booster. The law is very strict on booster seat requirements & kids IN the back seat unless there are other children filling the spots
  6. The car seat law in Iowa states that under 1-year olds who weigh less than 20 pounds need to be secured in a rear-facing car seat. The seat in use needs to meet all the requirements and be appropriate for the child's age and weight. Iowa Law does not include school buses or motorcycles as motor vehicles required to follow the rear-faced restraint system

seat cushion / head rest. Your Graco booster seat can be used with or without the back support (on certain models) as long as the above requirements are met. When forward-facing, children should use the built-in harness system for as long as possible until they reach the maximum forward-facing weight or height for their car seat The big car seat companies like Graco and Evenflo can be trusted to conduct crash tests and verify their booster seats' safety. Still, sometimes the weight and age recommendations are inaccurate. They may say a younger, smaller child can use a booster, for example #2 Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat - Best for Small Cars. The Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat is fit for children from 40 to 100 pounds. It is a compact and lightweight car seat, which makes it great for smaller cars. I like the armrests and height adjustments option

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An infant safety seat, also known as a child safety seat, a child restraint system, a restraint car seat, or ambiguously just as a car seat, is a restraint which is secured to the seat of an automobile equipped with safety harnesses to hold an infant or small stature people in the event of a crash By wearing seat belts, harnesses and installing booster seats for children as needed, you can help reduce the risk of severe injury or death in a crash. Failing to follow Wyoming seat belt laws could lead to significant penalties and cause fatal injuries and even death. A regulated car or booster seat could have prevented most of these injuries

2. Mississippi Car Seat Laws for Young Children. Anyone transporting children between four and seven years old must secure them with a shoulder-positioning booster seat system that meets federal motor vehicle safety standards. Drivers must secure all children under 4'9 tall and those weighing less than 65 pounds in a car seat Child's ears are BELOW top of booster seat. If tops of ears are above top of seat child is too large for booster seat. If child is between 30 and 65 lbs and shoulders are below the upper harness slots, we highly recommend use of the built-in harness for as long as possible (up to 65 lbs)

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Combines the Side Barrier Driver and the Side Pole Star Ratings into a Front Seat rating. The Rear Seat rating is derived from the Side Barrier Rear Passenger rating. The Side Barrier test simulates an intersection collision between a standing vehicle and moving barrier at 38.5 mph This convertible car seat is three seats in one, transitioning from a rear-facing car seat (5-40 lbs.) to a forward-facing car seat (22-65 lbs.) to a belt-positioning booster (40-100 lbs.). Thanks to the Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System, you can adjust the harness and headrest together for an the right fit

Graco's car seats and booster seats have a minimum and maximum weight capacity that we establish based on our crash testing to (and beyond) the requirements set out by National Highway Traffic. A child under the age of 8 and a height of 57 inches shall be secured as described in (a) or (b) until they reach the upper limits of the rear-facing or forwardfacing seat, then in a belt positioning booster seat. d. A child over 8 years of age or 57 inches in height must be properly secured by a seat belt Booster seats work by positioning the lap portion of the vehicle seat belt low on the child's hips, contacting the thighs. In addition, booster seats also align the shoulder portion of the vehicle seat belt on the center of the child's shoulder, and should lay flat and snug across the collarbone. This kiddo passes the Five Step Test Booster seat laws are included within the state's overall child passenger restraint laws. In Idaho, all children aged six years or younger are required to use an appropriate child safety restraint. That restraint could be an infant car seat up to a booster seat used until weight and height recommendations are met

Booster seats are different than car seats. Car seats are secured into a car and use their own 5-point safety belt. A booster seat is not installed into the car and doesn't have its own safety belt 4 - 8 Years: Booster All children at least 4 years old (but younger than age 8) must ride in a child passenger restraint system or booster seat, unless they are taller than 4' 9. A booster seat should be used until the child can properly fit into a seat belt The Graco TurboBooster has been a solid, well-fitting, popular booster seat for many years for good reason! It is lightweight, very simple to assemble and use, and fits a wide variety of children well. It's also budget friendly, making it a good choice for many families. The TurboBooster we know and love has seen a few small but important. Children less than 8 years old, unless they are at least 4 feet, 9 inches tall must use a booster seat. Children ages 8-15 must use a child safety seat or safety belt. Fines will range from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $75 per occurrence. A booster seat can be purchased for as little as $15 Using a Booster Seat. There are special rules in place in New Mexico dictating when your child can use a booster seat. When your child is over one year old, then he or she can use a booster seat or a child safety restraint system in the vehicle's rear seat. This law applies to all children under six years old

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A booster seat is a belt positioner. Until your child is heavy enough and mature enough to use a booster seat and maintain proper posture for the entire car ride, they should be in a forward-facing car seat. Child Booster Seat Law. Children under the age of 8 or less than 4 feet 9 inches in height must use a booster seat Please Support Car-Seat.Org with your purchases of infant, convertible, combination and boosters seats from our premier sponsors above. Shop travel systems, strollers and baby gear from Britax, Chicco, Clek, Combi, Evenflo, First Years, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Safety 1st, Diono & more! ©2001-2021 Carseat Media LL The state of Wyoming's regulations may be a little unusual since most states specify ages, weights, or heights as a basis on when to transition into the different types of car seats.. However, the state wants parents and guardians to refer to the car seat's manual and instructions. These instructions include the minimum and maximum weight and height requirement for safe use

Under the Kansas Child Passenger Safety Act, all children under the age of four should use restraining systems while those ages four to eight must be in a booster seat while riding in a moving vehicle.. Basically, this law applies to passenger vehicles that are designed to carry less than ten passengers. The Kansas car seat requirements depend significantly on the child's age and weight; thus. Kansas Booster Seat laws. Kansas Booster Car Seat laws state that, around age 4, children will start to outgrow the forward-facing car seat. However, Kansas law states that they still must be placed into a booster seat until age 7. There are a few exceptions to this age requirement You can secure your child in this booster seat with your car's seat belt across your child's shoulder comfortably. This backless Graco TurboBooster toddler seat is made for children up to 10 years old. The booster seat fabric is easy to remove and clean, and the plastic parts can be easily cleaned with soap and water The Graco AFFIX Youth Booster Seat Featuring LATCH System accommodates children weighing 30 to 100 pounds and from 38 to 57 inches tall, latches in to the car's anchors, is tested for side.

This video introduces a series of instructional videos demonstrating how to safely secure children in passenger vehicles using various child safety seats and.. Car seat laws in Massachusetts How long must a child remain in a car seat? All children riding in passenger motor vehicles must be in a federally approved child passenger restraint that is properly fastened and secured according to the manufacturer's instructions until they are 8 years old OR over 57 inches tall The AFFIX Backless Booster with Latch System helps safely transport your big kid from 40 to 100 lbs. and up to 57 inches tall. It provides a secure connection to your vehicle seat with its one-hand front-adjust latch system, making self-buckling easier for your independent child

Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat. $39.99. Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat. $67.99. Graco TurboBooster Highback LX Booster Car Seat with Safety Surround - Stark. $98.99. Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat. $99.99. Chicco® Kid Fit 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat Despite having regulatory authority over booster seats, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has failed to regulate them in any meaningful way. It has not set a 40-pound minimum for booster seats, and despite being directed by Congress 20 years ago, it has not created a side-impact testing standard Booster Seat Laws. Children from 4 to 9 years of age and weighing a minimum of 40 pounds can use a child booster seat. A belt-positioning child booster seat in a belted position with a lap-shoulder belt is required. Manufacturers of booster seats will have height and weight limitations. Be sure you know these and do not exceed them This is the worst product I own by Graco and I have owned multiple strollers, pack and play, swing, carseats galore: snug ride, safe seat 1, safe seat 2, smart seat, nautilus and backless booster. This seat feels like lightweight junk and the quality of a doll seat. Mind you the highback falls, the kids have trouble raising it back up and more Keep your little one snug and secure while riding in the car with a boost from the Affix No-Back Booster Car Seat from Graco®. This big kid seat helps properly position your vehicle's seatbelt to comfortably secure your child. An integrated cup holder and hide-away snack tray help keep your child's snacks or favorite toys nearby for longer trips

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According to Texas State Law, children must be in a car seat until they reach 8 years old or 4'9 and the car seat must be installed according to manufacturer's instructions. While after age 8 a child of any height can wear a car's safety belt in Texas, safety officials recommend parents wait until the child is taller than 4'9'' before transitioning out of a booster seat The Graco TurboBooster LX is a reliable product, but it's not perfect. The main drawback is the expensive latch it comes with. If you like this Graco booster seat, but don't need the latch, the Graco Galaxy TurboBooster is a great alternative. It comes with identical features, just no latch, and you can save some money Another great portable booster seat, the Graco Turbobooster is perfect if you're planning on doing extended rides during your travels. It's designed for children aged between 4 and 10 years. With well padded high-back design, this booster seat is as comfortable as it is possible High back booster seats act much more like a hybrid model between a traditional backless booster seat and a car seat. High back booster seats have an extended back, which makes them look like a car seat. This back is often removable so that the seat acts like a traditional backless booster seat. Many manufacturers include five-point harnesses. The Graco Highback Turbobooster Car Seat is lightweight and easy to use. It is suitable for children 30-100 lbs or age 4 - 10 years. It is one of the top-rated high-back booster seats by leading consumer publications. This car booster is comfortable and made of absorbing foam. It easily converts to a backless booster

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Child Booster Seat Law. Children under the age of 8 and over 1 year or more than 20 pounds must use a child restraint. An approved booster seat qualifies. The Five-Step Booster Test. To determine if your child is ready to be out of a booster seat, Vermont's Seat Smart Program recommends the 5 step test Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat, Infant to Toddler Car Seat, with 10 Years of Use, Fairmont. 4.9 out of 5 stars. 19,123. $269.99. $269 Washington Car Seat Laws Changing. Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, a revised law has new child restraint requirements for children under 16 years old who are being transported in a vehicle. The Washington Child Passenger Restraint Law (RCW 46.61.687) requires the following: Children up to age 2 must ride in a rear-facing car seat. Children ages 2 to 4.

California Booster Seat Law. California's law for booster seats requires children to ride in a booster seat (or harnessed car seat) until they reach 8 years old OR 4'9″. Be sure to follow manufacturer minimum and maximum size requirements for your booster seat - most manufacturers now require a minimum of 4 years old, 40″ tall and 40. 5 1-A Quick Guide to Your Manual This car seat is for children: Booster: 40-100 lb (18.1-45 kg) 43-57 in (110.1-145 cm) Car Seat Assembly (On Select Models) Adult Assembly Require Diono Cambria 2 Latch, 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster Seat, High-Back to Backless Booster XL Space & Room to Grow, 8 Years 1 Booster Seat, Pink 4.6 out of 5 stars 98 $79.99 $ 79 . 9

The Graco 4Ever is a car seat that works as a rear-facing seat, forward-facing seat, high-back booster seat, and backless booster seat. The Extend2Fit, on the other hand, works as a rear-facing seat, forward-facing seat, and high-back booster, but does not become a backless booster seat All under eight-year-olds shorter than 57 should be restrained in a booster seat throughout the ride.. As you know, booster seats are reserved for children who have outgrown the forward-faced seats. Children whose height and weight surpasses the forward-facing seats need to be restrained in boosters that contain a belt position until they reach the required criteria for using a seat belt.

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The Graco 4Ever is a brand new car seat to Canada that just became available this month. As a 4 in 1 car seat, the 4Ever can be used rear facing, forward facing, as a high back booster, and as a backless booster. The 4Ever has a reinforced steel frame and a 10 year expiry date. When your child will move from one stage to the next will depend on. Under Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations Section 63-7-301, any person transporting a child under four years old in a motor vehicle and on a public roadway, highway, or street are required to provide child protection by properly using a child passenger restraint system approved by the federal standards.. Moreover, transporting a child in a belt-positioning booster seat system is required to.

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The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, for example, hols kids up to 50lbs. Booster: The law is to keep children in a booster until they're 4 feet, 9 inches tall or taller. While Arizona law allows children to graduate to no booster after the age of 8, waiting until they're 4'9″ will statistically keep them much safer and prevent. Arizona car seat laws (specifically, part A of Section 28-907) mandate that all children who are less than five years old must be properly secured in a child restraint system. Note that this section of the law does not explicitly mandate car seats, as such. You'll see this in other places throughout the law as well

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The AFFIX Backless Booster with Latch System helps safely transport your big kid from 40 to 100lbs and up to 57 inches tall. This seat provides a secure connection to your vehicle seat with its one-hand front-adjust latch system. With one hand, you can create a secure connection using your vehicle's anchors to keep the booster steadily in place From Graco's website: The Nautilus™ 3-in-1 car seat offers a precise fit to help protect growing children from ages 1 to 10. As your child grows, Nautilus™ adapts from harness protection for children up to 65 lbs. to a high-back booster for 30 to 100 lbs., then a backless booster for 40 to 100 lbs Harness Booster Car Seat. 4. Evenflo Maestro Sport Harness Booster Car Seat. This evenfloMastro is available for you in two modes. In stage 1, when your child's weight is from 22 lbs to 110 lbs, it is used as a 5-point harness for at least a 2-year-old child In 2002, Graco launched the Turbo Booster, a booster seat designed to help parents stay in compliance with many states' passage of laws requiring children to stay in a car seat longer. In 2007, the company purchased established German baby product brand, Teutonia

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that can be used safely with the booster seat. If you are not sure where to place the booster seat in your vehicle, consult your vehicle owner's manual. Vehicle Seat Location Requirements • Children are safer when properly restrained in rear vehicle seating positions.Whenever possible secure the Graco booster seat in the center positio or weight limit allowed by your car seat's manufacturer. Once your child outgrows the forward-facing car seat with a harness, it's time to travel in a booster seat, but still in the back seat. Booster Seat 4 - 7 Years Keep your child in a forward-facing car seat with a harness and tether until he or she reaches the top heigh The Graco TurboBooster has been around for quite some time now. We know the original version well, and we've also reviewed the TurboBooster Grow, TurboBooster TakeAlong, and other versions of this seat. We've found very consistently that the TurboBooster family of booster seats is well known for its fit and function Graco Booster Seat's Specifics. Give your big kid a boost. Loaded with comfort features for kids, the Graco TurboBooster Highback Booster Seat helps protect your growing child, from 40-100 lb.*. This 2-in-1 seat converts from a highback to a backless booster as your big kid grows. Kids love cool perks like the hideaway cup holders and comfort.

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Booster car seats need to be anchored, but the car model will determine if this is possible or not. Latching the seat into place requires one to pay critical attention to the directions provided by the manufacturer on the manual. Anchoring a car seat comes with multiple benefits which is why it is crucial for one to understand the various steps. * The risk reduction provided by booster seats in side-impact crashes varied by booster seat type: 4-to 8-year-olds riding in high back booster seats were at a 70 percent reduction in injury risk, while those in backless boosters did not experience a statistically significant risk reduction as compared with seat belts alone. There you go. Wend • Weight requirements of High back booster seat: Children will use a high back booster seat if they overgrow their harnessed car seat, usually at 50 to 65 pounds until they weigh 120 pounds. • Height requirements of High back booster seat : Ranges from when children reach their car seat limits to at least four feet, nine inches tall